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You can get started with following awesome forums:-

If you are newly registered user, then you can create new topics in following forums without any limitaions :- 
Introduce Yourself - Go to Introduce Yourself
Ask Me Anything ! - Go to Ask Me Anything !
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Apart from these we have dedicated Forum for each of these Hot topics as given below :-
THE MARKETPLACE ZONE - Go to The Marketplace Zone
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ONLINE MONEY MAKING - Go to Online Money Making
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MOBILE DEVICES / GADGETS - Go to Mobile Devices / Gadgets
CREATIVITY / ART - Go to Creativity / Art & Craft
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COMMUNITY DISCUSSIONS - Go to Community Discussions

This is not over yet. We have so many Marketplaces as well :-
MOBILE / APPS MARKETPLACE - Go to Mobile / Apps Marketplace
SEO / CONTENT MARKETPLACE - Go to SEO / Content Marketplace
SCRIPTS / TEMPLATES MARKETPLACE - Go to Scripts / Templates Marketplace
WEBSITE / HOSTING MARKETPLACE - Go to Website / Hosting Marketplace
BUY / SELL ADS MARKETPLACE - Go to Buy / Sell Ads Marketplace
GRAPHICS / VIDEO MARKETPLACE - Go to Graphics / Video Marketplace
GENERAL / SERVICES MARKETPLACE - Go to General / Services Marketplace

We also have some special Premium Forums where only those users can create new topics who has active  Premium  Memberships :-
Promote your SEO Business - Go to Promote your SEO Business
Promote your Business / Website - Go to Promote your Business / Website
Promote your Mobile Apps - Go to Promote your Mobile Apps
Promote your Affiliate Programs - Go to Promote your Affiliate Programs
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