Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Discoursely. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General Rules

    1. Here are a few rules designed to help keep this forum a productive & beneficial place for all involved.

      Be friendly
      Treat others as you would like to be treated. This means no trolling, personal attacks, or foul language. Keep it polite.
      Post in the relevant forum
      Read the forum description before you post. Self-promotional posts are only allowed in the "Promote Your Android App" forum.
      Use the search function before posting
      Chances are your question has already been answered. Do a quick search before posting, to avoid duplicate threads.
      Go nuts with your signature - but....
      Please only link to Android-related sites in the signature. Personal blogs are fine, Google Play and SlideME links are fine, but don't bother posting spam that is completely unrelated to you or the site. Signatures containing spam or inappropriate links will be removed.
      Only One Account
      Multiple accounts are not allowed. Just one account per person. If you have any issues or concerns about your account, please contact an admin.
      Use common sense
      We're a small community here, and generally very willing to help. If you post constructive, polite dialogue you'll find plenty of people who are happy to engage. On the other hand, if you're looking for somewhere to go spamming your links, there are other places for that
      Last but not least... Have Fun!
      Android Development can be lots of fun, especially when you share the experience with fellow devs. Hopefully by engaging with the community here you can all get a bit of enjoyment & motivation to keep up the good work!

      If you fail to respect these rules, appropriate action will be taken. This may result in your account being restricted or banned, and posts being removed from the forum.

      If you fail to have fun, your account may suffer detrimental effects including gloominess and an overabundance of Tim Burton.

      These rules may evolve in the future as the need arises. Keep an eye on this post for future changes.
      Feel free to contact me via PM or email if you have any questions or comments regarding anything in this post.

      Enjoy your stay! #
  2. Marketplace Guidelines

    1. Welcome to the Marketplace! Here, you can buy, sell, trade, or give away items for real currency. Please read the following rules before using the Marketplace.

      Do Your Part - If you agree to complete a service, be sure to do your part. Anyone that is found to have "scammed" other members will risk being banned from the exchange forum, and be issued with an official board warning.
      2 Exchange Topics per User, per Board - In order to keep our boards tidy and easy to browse, you are allowed two (2) topics in each section of the Marketplace. Instead of creating a new topic, edit it in to your old ones. If you wish to have a topic removed, please either report your topic and ask for it to be removed, or PM a Community Team Member.
      Be Specific, and Include Details - It is helpful to list as many details as possible in your topics. Use topic prefixes to help other members know what you are looking for. If you have a guide or BIN (Buy it Now Price) price, list it clearly in the original post. Finally, be sure to list exactly what you are selling or giving away. When selling as an auction, if possible, please include the starting bid, reserve, BIN, minimum bid increment and auction end date.
      Only Reply if Interested or Contributing - Please only comment if you have something to add, or are interested. Posts such as "good luck with the sale", or "it's not worth much" are not constructive and will be removed.
      Exchanging Reputation - Exchanging Reputation with other users is strictly forbidden, as is asking for reputation after an exchange. You're free to give reputation after, but only if you think it is deserved.
      External Services - External services are not allowed. This means that posting a link to a separate, off-site marketplace where users are required to purchase your services is not allowed. If your service must link to an area outside Forum Promotion in order for your transaction to occur, it should not be advertised in the Marketplace and should instead be advertised in the Promotion Directory.
      Potentially Negative Feedback - Negative feedback is allowed; however, please refer to our procedures regarding this, quoted from the Global Rules:

      Potentially negative feedback regarding services rendered here at Forum Promotion (both official Forum Promotion services and all member exchanges) is permitted, with a few limitations. One must provide feedback on the very specific service they requested, not regarding previous/future interactions with that particular user. Additionally, the feedback must be constructive and respectful, versus unelaborated feedback, such as "This service sucked" or "Do not trust this user," etc. Moreover, the user receiving the feedback should also be respectful. Any disagreements regarding the accuracy of the feedback should only be discussed through private messages and not within the topic itself. If the issue involves scamming (or an act of similar severity), one should not post about it and should instead report it (with proof) to an Administrator or the Community Team Leader to further investigate.

      If you were scammed:
      Please either PM an Administrator, the Community Team Leader, or fill out this form. Be sure to include all applicable details and proof (screenshots are appreciated).

      Remember that the Board-Wide Guidelines still apply in addition to these guidelines.
      If you have any questions, contact a Community Team Member or an Administrator. #
    2. Here are some notes about what sort of content is acceptable on this site:

      General Guidelines

      Duplicate posts and cross-posting are not allowed. Don't post the same message on multiple threads.
      All posts must be relevant to the original topic of the thread. If you want to change topic, start a new thread.
      Be sure to always respect others' privacy. Don't share private information about someone without their permission.

      Keep It Legal

      Don't promote or encourage illegal activities of any kind.
      Don't give away or sell stuff without getting permission from the owner.

      Non-English Languages

      The normal language used on this website is English. Please keep this in mind, and try to use it whenever possible.
      If you write a post in any language other than English, you must provide an English translation as well.


      All signatures must be a maximum of 6 lines long.
      If you choose to include an image, the combined height of signature text and image must be a maximum of 10 lines long.
      You may use different font sizes and colours within reason. However, please note that the length limitations above are based on the normal font size. If you use a larger font, you won't be able to fit as many lines of text into the same space.

      Official Company Representatives

      You should not reply to threads about competitors to promote your own product. This can be done in a new thread.
      If a post specifically asks for recommendations, feel free to reply and mention your company.
      You are always welcome to contribute useful information to any discussion, without necessarily promoting your company or products.

      Reporting Inappropriate Stuff

      This website is for discussion of development, marketing & monetization strategies. It's not a place to call out and identify particular people who are breaking legal, moral or ethical boundaries.
      For this reason, if you see another developer making low quality or "spammy" apps, please do not post about this publicly.
      There are existing channels for reporting this kind of behaviour - see Google's Takedown Request Form and the Bad Apps section on Reddit.
      Also feel free to follow up with the developer privately (e.g. via PM).
      If you feel further action is necessary, please contact a moderator rather than posting about the issue publicly.
      Talking about a general topic (e.g. "overuse of push notifications") is fine. People can have a useful discussion about this. However, identifying a particular app or developer is usually not appropriate.

      Prohibited Content
      In order to prevent wide-spread spam, the following topics are not allowed. Please refrain from posting any threads on these topics, and if you have any questions contact us for clarification.

      Selling of virtual credit cards (CVV).
      Selling usernames or passwords for other services, or dumps from website hacks.

      These guidelines are intended to keep the discussion on-topic, friendly and informative for all involved. #
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  6. Linking Offsite

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